What makes research so crucial in your career? 

Research has become a necessary part of life in almost all areas. With online shopping, finding services, selecting homes, and where to eat, entertaining, and being occupied. Research keeps you updated, and no matter how much you know and experience you have, there is a lot more to explore and learn. Research allows learning and widening your knowledge

Reading is an essential part of the research that keeps you updated with the latest. Innovations, experiments, success stories, new ventures, discoveries, new processes, new products, new services, Researchers can stay afloat in competition, particularly in R&D, Industry manufacturing, marketing, and academia. You not only will be able to discuss with colleagues and speak on the subject but come out as a knowledgeable individual much respected among peers in your organization. 

In Corporate life, you can think about how best you position your idea as the best one in problem-solving. You are sure to succeed when you make informed decisions. The wealth of information researched and good ideas not only gives you the confidence. People generally tend to take you more seriously and accept your suggestions when you speak with conviction. Not only earns you self-respect and admiration (secretly) and gives credibility boosts your self-esteem and motivation in professional work.

More ideas will emerge from researching further as you get more viewpoints of others. Sieving through ideas is a sure shot way of solving professional and personal problems.

In the academic field, research is not limited to gathering information and building content for teaching; but the expectation for being involved in research publications presenting papers at conferences and seminars will keep you in a research mode. 

Research helps in being involved in projects which could be Institution or Industry funded projects. Based on a theme, research will help narrow down a specific topic to research on. For first-time researchers, my book ‘Zeroing In On A Research Topic’ was explicitly written on researching a topic. As mentioned in the book, curiosity is a vital ingredient in research. Studies have shown that curiosity can keep you balanced in life with lower pain and anxiety and higher satisfaction levels. Keeping yourself in a learning mode leads to growth promotes positive thinking. 

Research becomes an integral part of the project, starting with a theme, from finding a topic for a research project, writing a grant proposal, preparing a research design, data collection, data analysis and innovations with new ideas, report writing, and publishing

In a research career, there is scope for exploring, experimenting, studying in-depth on a subject, evaluating both in qualitative and quantitative terms, collecting and analyzing data. It equips you to discuss new information that can generate new ideas to further research. Research opens new avenues new ideas and enhances analytical skills.

Research gives scope of collaborating between Institutions, institutions and Industry, Industry and Government and Non-Government Organizations. Thus, research can take you beyond academia, allowing you to develop skills in effectively collaborating with other stakeholders in similar research for the better.

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